Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Edison Noodle House

(Edison, NJ) Edison Noodle House it’s a Korean style noodle restaurant. It is located in a mini mall on Route 1. It is easy to miss if you do not know where to look Map. Word of advice: you have to take the u-turn after the Wendy's to go into the mini mall. The restaurant is located next to DOTS (see my side notes at the end if the review).  

Edison Noodle House

775 Us 1, Edison, NJ 08817

(732) 572-0600

Lunch Hours : Monday to Friday 11:30 to 3:30 pm.
 (except holidays)

Regular Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30 to 10:30 pm.

Once you come in into the restaurant you have to wait to be seated. The dining space is very spacious and comfortable to move around. The dinning hall is brightly lit and very cozy. Chairs are pretty wide and comfortable.  There is also bench seating and the tables are not attached to the floor so there are easy to move and adjust as desired. Table settings are simple.  The paper place-mats are full of ads from different businesses in the community. The waitress/waiter will provide a covered metal spoon and chopsticks if you need a fork just ask they will supply.  All table are arranged for four people. I have seen them put tables together for family style sitting. 

My mom ^_^

Once you seat down the waitress approaches with the menu and a green tea teapot. This really is comforting specially if its winter outside and you need something warm right away.  Here is a copy of the MENU. Check it in advance if you decided to visit. 

Green Tea

 I attended the restaurant with my beautiful mom. Korean food was a foreign concept to her. This was her first trail. She loves soups and broths. I though this would be a good place to start her off. After reviewing the menu we decided to order. We ordered a Goon Man Doo (fried pork dumpling) as an appetizer. As an entree my mother ordered Sul Lung Tang (Ox bone soup) and I ordered Ja Jang Myun (Noodles in black bean sauce with pork). The dumplings were delicious. Crispy, flaky and very tasty. After taking order the waitress came back with the Banchan (side dishes). If you have had Korean food you know what it is. Banchan are small dishes brought before the meal. To eat before or to enhance the meal that’s coming.  Every Banchan is different but all must have Kimchi. Ours had a delicious lightly spicy red potato, marinated rice cake, kimchi, and a green salad with dressing. 

Red Potatoes   
 Marinated Rice Cake
Goon Man Doo

After a little while our dishes came. The Sul Lung Tang had a very good beef broth smell. The soup had shredded beef, glass noodles and green onions. It was served with a bowl of rice. My mom was in heaven as soon as she saw her plate. After the first spoon all she tasted was the beef and the broth was very bland. No salt or any other seasoning. I told her it was now up to her to make it her own. She added some of the red potatoes, salt, pepper, kimchi and marinated rice cake. The soup changed in color and the taste completely changed!

Sul Lung Tang
My Ja Jang Myun came in two dishes. One dish had vermicelli noodles with julienned cucumber and in the other dish was the Ja Jang Myun sauce. The sauce consists of a salty black soybean paste with zucchini, carrots, onions, peppers, green onions and pork. They staff provided a scissor to cut the noodle in to a more manageable size. After I cut the noodles I added the sauce and mix it all together. The taste of the sauce was well balance with the noodle that had no flavor. I added kimchi for a bit of kick. WARNING: be careful of the sauce it splatters everywhere!! So be careful if you like what you are wearing. The dish had a very good taste. I really liked my dish. 
Vermicelli noodles with julianne Cucumbers

Ja Jang Myun

After dinner the check came with dessert; Orange slices! They are complementary. The whole meal came out to $35 with out tip. Overall this restaurant is not the best Korean restaurant around but it is an Okay one. I have to say that I was left wanting better. So this means I will keep looking for a better one. I do have a small complaint about this place. Some of the staff was not as friendly as they should have. One of the waitresses kept ignoring us and when she did bring stuff to the table she did it in a bad manner. If I remember correctly she kind of slammed one of the plates in our table. And kept moving. The owner noticed and took over half way through our dinner. At the end of the meal I asked if they had a take out menu I can take with me. The mean waitress rudely say no. lol If you never have tried Korean food this is a good place to start. Just hope you do not get my waitress. If you are a veteran in Korean food then you can happily skip this place. Maybe you have noticed I did not review the facilities. It is because they were under repair at the moment. 
Side Note:

DOTS! This store sell plus size clothing. If you are bottom heavy you will not find anything that fits but lots of the tops will.