Monday, December 28, 2009

Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant

(Perth Amboy, NJ) Garibaldi Mexican restaurant is located in the middle of downtown Perth Amboy. They specialize in traditional Mexican food. I have been going to Garibaldi for two years now and I have not found a better Mexican restaurant around. Coming from New Brunswick, where Mexican food is everywhere, Garibaldi is breath of fresh air.  Most dishes are homemade, actually the only thing that are not homemade is the tortillas and the soft drinks. Parking is a little hard. The restaurant is situated on a busy street. There are parking meters in the street so anyone wishing to visit this restaurant this is the best option.

Dinning Room
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The dining area is very specious and easy to move around. The tables are wide enough to fit two big size people, and one supper size person per side and be comfortable. Chairs are metal, have a high back and are armless. Tables are for 4 and they can easily be put together for bigger groups. The restroom is pretty clean and spacious to move. A little tight for a wheel chair to go down the hall and into the restroom.

Once you enter the restaurant seat yourself. As soon as you seat they bring you a basket of fresh fried tortilla chips, red and green salsa with lime wedges. WARNING: Because the salsas are made daily one salsa might be hotter than the other. Always ask the waitress to give you “crema” sour cream incase they are too hot.

In the menu you’ll find anything from tacos, sopes, Bisteque a la Mexicana ( Mexican Style Stake) and enchiladas from carnitas (roast pork) to al pastor (Marinated Pork). The strangest item on the menu is pigeon (paloma) lol do not let that discourage you if you are not adventurous. Just make sure you read the bilingual menu.


When it comes to drink they do not offer alcoholic beverages but they do offer fresh juices, and normal soft drinks. I recommend the juices. Everyday they change depending in what’s fresh. You can find Tamarindo (Tamarind), Piña (Pineapple), and Jamaica. Jamaica is a juice made out of the Hibiscus flower. Here is the link to make Jamaica at home:Recipe . To know more check this out: Hibiscus Tea.

Garibaldi Restaurant 1
287 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, NJ
(732) 697-9029
They are open as late as 2am. 

             The way we make out tortillas chips.  

          Sopes with everything. Two were carnitas and the other al pastor.

My sister orders an extra order of bean and this is what she does with it. She adds red and green salsa with sour cream. Then she dips her chips.

Tacos de Carnitas with onions and cilantro.

Tacos al Pastor.

Prices are fair. Our order was pretty big. We ate 6 sopes, 3 tacos, and extra order of beans, one tamarind juice and a coke. We took 3 tacos home ( cousin was having a craving) lol and the total was $35.00 without tip. Always check the black board at the back they have daily specials.