Monday, June 27, 2011

Looking for Co-writters

Hello All;

I am looking for co-writters for this blog. Anyone interested please email me. You don't have to be from New Jersey. Any state and city will do. I am very interested in expanding this blog and I need help. Hope to get some responses. You can reach me at


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old World Pizza

Hello!!! I know it has been a while since I posted but now I am back!

 You might think that maybe because I live in Jersey a good pizza is easy to find. There are many pizza places but very few GOOD pizza places. One of those few places is Old World Pizzeria in Princeton. 

Old World Pizza
242 Nassau St
Princeton, NJ 08542
(609) 924-9321

                       The place is not much to look at. It does not have pretty tables and chairs; just a couple of stools against and a counter mounted on the wall. If you are hoping for a place to hang out full of atmosphere this might not be it!
            On a hot summer day we were out for a car ride. I remembered some one telling me about Old World Pizza. My sister made our order, a pepperoni pie and an Italian hoagie to go. Unfortunately, they had run out of fresh bread so no hoagie for us. After 20 minutes we drove with our pizza 5 minutes later we were at the riverfront in Princeton. We found a rock were to place our pizza and two other big rocks to sit on. Our niece had come along on our little trip. We took her out of the car seat and gave her a small slice.  

Princeton Riverfront

"I smell food feed me!"

Not only they have great pizza but they have a great selection of soft drinks as well. 

I have to say this was not any ordinary pizza. Finally we had found a great pizza pie with zesty sauce, spicy, thick pepperoni, and the fresh melted mozzarella. A real treat! Fresh mozzarella is hard to find in a pizza, especially nowadays when restaurants are cutting cost. Crust is crispy in the bottom and chewy in the middle. Thanks to great dough and a brick oven. It’s nice to take a bite and hear the crunch and get a taste of good sauce, basil and chewy cheese. I cannot wait until I have it again.  

The burnt parts are the best!

Crispy, spicy pepperoni.

Amazing sauce!

The basil gives it a whole new level of flavor. 

I could eat the pepperoni alone. 

Special Thanks to Ms. Ginny. Thanks for your help ^_^